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Let us help you to compliment your home with a some Farmhouse style here at Farmhouse Chic FurnishingsThe famous farmhouse style has been around since ancient times and is known among many people for its less calculated and straightforward design. The style now, unlike in the past, is not limited to farmhouses as it can even be incorporated into homes in urban areas.  Add one or several of these Farmhouse elements to your home. 

*Wood:  Natural, worn, or chippy wood is the backbone to create that Farmhouse feeling in your home. 

*Galvanized Metal:  Use this metal in anything to achieve that “Farmhouse feel” to your home. 

*Wrought Iron:  Nothing says Farmhouse like wrought iron!  Hang an old piece of a wrought iron gate to one of  your walls or add some wrought iron candle sticks to a shelf or mantel. 

*Woven baskets:  These are a must in one form or another! Put these elements together to add texture to any room in your home.

Farmhouse Chic Furnishings wants to help you  to build upon your farmhouse style.  A home with a farmhouse style is a warm, welcoming invitation to your family and friends as they step foot into your home.  We want to be a part of that warmth you invite as you welcome your loved ones into your home!  As you browse our Farmhouse Chic Furnishings site keep family and friends in mind when you pick out a farmhouse pillow or one of our farmhouse accent tables where you can set your cup of coffee or tea on as you soak in the warmth of your “Farmhouse styled Home!”

As you shop, keep these characteristics of what makes a Farmhouse style home.  Look for natural materials in light colors. Simple lines and organic is always a must as you furnish your home. Embrace industrial items as you shop!  Not only is it eye- catching, but it will add a different texture to a room.  Wood and metal are wonderful together.  Don’t forget to add old with the new!   Show off your grandmother’s quilt on a farmhouse ladder as it leans against your wall. Make sure you pull out some old black and white photos of your family members to frame as wall art. Go thrift shopping for something vintage or rustic to add that special touch.  Antiques are always a wonderful find!  Anything faded or worn will add to that Farmhouse feel you are looking for.  A farmhouse styled home will also have elements of French and English country decor. 

While you may be aware of all these tips, you may still find it hard to get a perfect farmhouse look on your home. This, in most cases, occurs if you don’t choose a reputable store for your purchases. The good thing is that our farmhouse furnishings store has interacted with many farmhouse style enthusiasts and has fulfilled all their needs professionally. To make sure that you dream of making a perfect farmhouse design comes true, follow the above tips and choose our esteemed store for all your purchases.

Decorating your home should be done with two things…Love and Joy!  Here at Farmhouse Chic Furnishings, we want to be a part of building your house into your  home!